Understanding Goddess Religion


There was a time, long before the existence of organized religions, when nearly all of mankind instinctively perceived deity as a loving and benevolent Mother Goddess. An overwhelming amount of archeological evidence has been found to support this, throughout the Middle East, Europe and Asia. How then did spirituality evolve from that simple and peaceful concept, into the rigid formalized religions that we see around us, in the modern world today ?

The transformation began when barbarian warlords from the area of southern Russia and the Ukraine invaded the ancient world. They were called Proto-Indo-Europeans (also "Kurgans"), and they brought with them a blatantly self-serving religion, based on the worship of a violent male war-god, which they used to justify their acts of conquest and domination.

From the chaos which resulted, various pantheons of deities evolved. They were invariably lead by a war-god archetype, but often retained a Mother Goddess archetype in some lesser role. After several millennium, the followers of the most aggressive and intolerant war-gods (Yahweh and Allah) attained political power, and methodically persecuted and destroyed all other religions. Thus, the last remnants of peaceful Goddess culture disappeared from western consciousness, and the path that humanity was made to follow would be one of spiritual exploitation and strict contol.

Recently however, some very revolutionary changes in the area of religion have started to occur. In the west (but unfortunately not yet in the Arab world) the rule of law now prevents religious authorites from persecuting and silencing those people who object to their political domination. In addition, an ever-increasing body of historical and archeological evidence has begun to surface, which reveals a totally different account of human spirituality than the self-serving lies which they have forced upon us for so many centuries.

This website is dedicated to the spiritual re-awakening which is now in progress. The first section is intended to provide a well-documented and accurate history of Goddess religion, without the sort of deliberate distortions and bias so often found in other sources. The second section presents suggestions for the modern practice of the religion, in a traditionally correct and non-feminist way.

I invite you to take an intellectual journey with me, to discover the true nature of our spiritual heritage, and learn why a growing number of people are once again embracing an ancient, peaceful and rewarding form of spirituality.

Part 1 - Our History

Chapter 1 - Paleolithic Artifacts

Chapter 2 - The Neolithic World

Chapter 3 - The Bronze Age

Chapter 4 - Greece and Rome

Chapter 5 - The Final Years

Chapter 6 - The Nature of Yahweh

Chapter 7 - Transgender Persons

Chapter 8 - The Goddess in Sumer

Chapter 9 - The Goddess in Egypt

Chapter 10 - The Goddess on Crete

Chapter 11 - The Goddess in India

Chapter 12 - Understanding History

Part 2 - The Modern Revival

Chapter 13 - Our Basic Beliefs

Chapter 14 - Some Comments About Feminism

Chapter 15 - Preparing for a Modern Practice

Chapter 16 - Meeting The Goddess


There are over 100 clickable reference links in the history section of this website. Nearly all of them will take you to a Wiki page, which provides some useful basic information. Wiki pages have the advantage of simplicity and convenience, however they sometimes also contain a certain amount of misinformation. Please be assured that many far more authoritative sources were also employed, during the preparation of this website.

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About the Author

Priestess Cornelend is a historical scholar, who has been in the service of the Goddess for many years. She produced this website for the benefit of the general neo-pagan community, and any others who may be interested.

A final thought...

Today our planet is in serious trouble. Violence, the destruction of the environment, and disregard for animal life all speak very poorly about us as a species, and threaten our long-term survival. We have so many critical problems facing us that we simply must put aside our own personal issues and join in the greater battle... which is for the Earth, and all life on it.

Transcending our own issues, as serious as they may be, puts things in a different perspective, and is actually liberating in a sense... for as we rise to meet the greater challenges, we grow as human beings, and empower others around us as well.

Clearly this world is not a paradise. What lazy and useless creatures we would become, if the Goddess simply appeared and solved our problems for us, each time something went wrong. If you believe, as I do, that She hopes and desires us to elevate ourselves as a species, so that we may someday join with Her on a higher plane of existence, then surely we must realize that only by confronting and overcoming adversity will we grow stronger and advance towards that goal.

Our lives are all too brief... let them, then, not be measured in years, but in the quality of our contributions, and the beauty of the spirit that we shall bring to Her, when our work on this Earth is done.